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    If you’re on the lookout for trucks, Truck Dimensionsyou need to know their specifications and features. Below are technical details for some new trucks.

    Truck Dimensions: 2010 Cadillac Escalade EXT

    The Escalade is 222.0 inches long, 79.1 inches wide and 74.5 inches high. The clearance is 9.2 inches while the wheelbase is 130.0 inches. The front track is 68.2 inches and the rear track is 67.0 inches.

    The Escalade has anti theft protection and an audio system equipped with satellite. There is also a disc auto changer and CD player. The cargo area measures 63.0 inches long and the front width measures 50 inches. The height is 25 inches and the loading floor height is 31.9 inches. The cargo capacity is 54.3 cu ft with seats down. With seats in place it is 45.5 cu ft.

    Truck Dimensions: 2010 Ford F 450

    The Ford F 450 is 262.4 inches long, 95.7 inches wide and 79.9 high. The ground clearance is 7.8 inches and the wheelbase 172.4 inches. The front track is 74.8 inches and the rear track is 75.9 inches.

    The Ford F 450’s cargo is 98.0 inches long with a front width measuring 69.3 inches. The height is 20.1 inches and the loading floor height is 35.1 inches. It comes with a compass, clock and cruise control.

    There is carpet in the passenger compartment and airbags for the driver and passenger front. The front headroom is 41.4 inches, and so is the rear headroom. The front leg room is 41 inches and the rear leg room is 41.8 inches.

    Truck Dimensions: 2009 Chevy Avalanche

    The Chevy Avalanche is 221.3 inches long, 79.1 inches wide and 76.6 inches high. The wheelbase is 130.0 inches and the front track is 68.2 inches. The rear track is 67.0 inches and the gross vehicle weight rating is 7,000 lbs.

    Among its features are an RDS audio system and an auto drive indicator. The cargo is 98.2 inches long, 50.0 inches wide between the arches and 25.0 inches high. The loading floor height is 31.0 inches. The cargo capacity is 101.0 cu ft (rear seat down) and 31.8 cu ft (seats down). There is also a cellphone and a clock.

    Truck Dimensions: 2009 Mazda B-2300

    The length is 187.5 inches and the width is 69.4 inches. The Mazda B-2300 is 64.9 inches high and the wheelbase is 111.6 inches. The front track is 58.6 inches and the rear track is 57.3 inches. The gross vehicle weight rating is 4,280 lbs and the maximum payload is 1,281 lbs.

    The cargo is 71.8 inches long and has a front width measuring 52.0 inches. The height is 16.5 inches and loading floor is 28.5 inches high. The internal dimensions are as follows: the front headroom is 39.2 inches and the front leg is 42.4 inches. There is also a low tire pressure indicator and a tachometer. The steering wheel is plastic and there are two speakers.

    The truck dimensions and specifications here are meant to give you an idea of their features. To get more information, you should consult a dealer.

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      February 3, 2012 at 3:22 am

      What is the interior box dimensions (L x W x H) of a 12-ton box truck?

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