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  • Bed Dimensions in Cm

    Bed sizes are widely varied. Different countries have different market standards in terms of bed dimensions. In this article, we will give you a guideline on bed dimensions in cm or centimeters to aid you in your shopping for the perfect bed. Happy shopping!

    US Standard Beds

    The US standard beds are also considered the market standards. You can commonly see them in home stores because they are widely made available in many different countries worldwide. Here are the measurements of US standard bed sizes in centimeters:

    Single – 99cm x 190cm
    Double/Full – 137cm x 190cm
    Twin Extra Long – 99cm x 203
    Three Quarter – 121cm x 190cm
    Super Single – 121cm x 213cm
    Full Extra Long – 135cm x 203cm
    Queen – 152cm x 203cm
    California Queen – 152cm x 213cm
    Olympic Queen – 168cm x 203cm
    King – 193cm x 203cm
    California King – 183cm x 213cm

    UK Standard Beds

    The UK beds are also quite popular around the world. Aside from the standard bed sizes that are available in the market, there are also extra large bed sizes that you can buy through placing a special order. These extra large beds include the Eastern King (200cm wide), the Emperor (210cm wide), the Large Emperor (215cm wide), and the Ceasar (240cm wide). Below is a list of the UK standard bed sizes in centimeters:

    Toddler bed – 70cm x 140cm
    Small Single – 75cm x 180cm
    Standard Single – 90cm x 190cm
    Prince or Small Double or Three Quarter – 120cm x 190cm
    Standard Double – 135cm x 190cm
    King – 150cm x 200cm
    Super King, also regarded as the “Queen” – 180cm x 200cm

    Italy Standard Beds

    Italy has its own terminologies for its standard bed sizes. The classification of beds in the country is also only via width.

    Una piazza or Singolo – 80 to 90 centimeters
    Una piazza e mezza – 120 centimeters
    Piazza francese – 140 centimeters
    Due piazze or Matrimoniale – 160 to 180 centimeters
    Tre piazze or Osimano – 200 to 400 centimeters

    Australia Standard Beds

    There is also an Australian standard in terms of bed sizes. The following are the bed names and sizes in centimeters:

    Single – 92cm × 188cm
    Single Extra Long – 92cm × 203cm
    King Single – 107cm × 203cm
    Double – 138cm × 188cm
    Queen – 153cm × 203cm
    King – 183cm × 203cm

    New Zealand Standard Beds

    There are also different standard bed sizes available in New Zealand. They are listed below, in centimeters:

    Single — 90cm × 190cm
    Long Single — 90cm × 203cm
    King Single — 105cm × 203cm
    Double — 135cm × 190cm
    Queen — 152cm × 203cm
    King — 165cm × 203cm
    Super King – 180cm × 203cm
    Californian King — 200cm × 203cm

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