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    The runway lengthAirport Runway provided here are some of the longest in the world. Not a single one is below 4,000 m (12,100 ft). With airliners like the Airbus 380 becoming more common, these runway dimensions may become the standard. The longest is the Qamdo Bangda Airport in China at 5,800 m (18,045 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (US)

    The Denver International Airport runway is 4,877 m (16,000 ft). The runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport is about 4,442 m or 14,572 ft. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport runway is 4,085 m.

    The runways in US Air Forces bases are also long. The Edwards Air Force Base runway is 4,576 m (15,013 ft). The runway length at Eielson Air Force Base is 4,429 m or 14,530 ft. The Naval Air Station Fallon runway is 4,268 m (14,003 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (China)

    Besides the Qamdo Bangda Airport, China’s other airports have large runways. The Zhuhai Sanzao Airport has a runway measuring 4,120 m (which is about 13,517 ft). The Shanghai Pudong International Airport meanwhile, has a runway measuring 4,000 m (13,123 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (Russia)

    The Ramenskoye Airport runway is 5,403 m (17,726 ft). Another long runway is at the Khabarovsk Novy Airport at 4,000 m (or 13,123 ft). The runway at Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport has been measured at 5,000 m (16,404 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (Saudi Arabia)

    The runway length at the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport is 4,008 m (13,149 ft). At the King Fahd International Airport, it is 4,000 m or 13,123 ft, while at the Prince Sultan Air Base the runway is 4,006 m (13,143 ft). The Thumamah Airport has a runway 4,014 m (13,170 ft) long.

    Runway Dimensions (Brazil)

    Brazil has two airports with runways at 4,000 m. They are the Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport 4,967 m (16,295 ft) and the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport at exactly 4,000 m (13,123 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (Japan)

    Japan has two airports with runways over 4,000 m. They are the Kansai International Airport, where the runway is 4,000 m (13,123 ft). The Narita International Airport is of the same length.

    Runway Dimensions (India)

    The runway at the Indira Gandhi International Airport is 4,430 m (14,534 ft) while at the Arakkonam Naval Air Station it is 4,103 m (13,460 ft). The Bengaluru International Airport runway is 4,000 m (13,123 ft). The runway length at the Hyderabad International Airport is 4,260 m (equal to 13,976 ft).

    Runway Dimensions (Europe)

    France has two airports with 4,000 m + runways. The Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport runway is 4,215 m (13,829 ft) while the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport runway is 4,000 m (13,123 ft). Germany’s Frankfurt Airport has a runway 4,000 m (13,123 ft). The Munich Airport is the same length.

    The Madrid-Torrejón Airport in Spain is 4,085 m (13,400 ft) while the Barajas Airport is at 4,350 m (14,272 ft) long. The Athens International Airport in Greece is 4,000 m (13,123 ft).

    The runway length of airports is always subject to evaluation. With the airliners increasing in capacity, the runway dimensions will definitely expand too.

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