20ft Container Size

The 20 ft container may be considered small, but it continues to be used by some companies. The following are the specifications for some containers that use this measurement.

20 ft Container Size: High Cube and Standard Dry

The high cube interior dimensions are 19’5" x 7’8 1/16" x 7’6" (L x W x H). In metric terms this is 5.919 m x 2.340 m x 2.286 m. The door is 7’6" (2.286 m) wide and 7’4 9/16" (2.251 m) high. The tare weight is 4,189 lbs (equal to 1,900 kg). The payload is 54,673 lbs or 24,800 kg. The cubic capacity of the 20’ high cube dry container is 33.0 cbm or 1,179 cu.ft.

The 20’ standard dry container has interior dimensions of 5.440 m x 2.294 m x 2.237 m (17’10 3/16" x 7’6 1/4" x 7’4 1/16"; L x W x H). This 20 ft container size has a door 7’6" / 2.286 m wide and 7’4 1/16" / 2.238 m high. The tare weight is 6,062 lbs or 2,750 kg. The maximum payload is 53,460 lbs (equal to 24,250 kg). The capacity is 986 cu. ft. (27.9 cbm).

20 Ft Open Tops and Flat Rack

The 20’ open top has inner dimensions of 19’5" x 7’8 1/16" x 7’6" (5.919 m x 2.340 m x 2.286 m; L x W x H). The door measures 17’9 9/16" x 7’3 1/2" (5.425 m x 2.223 m; L x W). The tare weight is 4,799 lbs (equivalent to 2,177 kg).

The payload for this 20 ft container size is 48,110 lbs / 21,823 kg and the capacity is 1,143 cu. ft. or 32.0 cbm. The 20’ flat rack is 19’5 5/8" long, 7’10 3/8" wide and 7’7 9/16" high (5.935 m x 2.398 m x 2.327 m). 


The 20 ft container is also the standard used for estimating shipping capacity (called TEU). It stands for twenty foot equivalent. 1 TEU is equal to a 20 ft (6.1 m) container that is 8 ft (2.4 m) wide and 8.5 ft (2.6 m) high. The volume is 1,360 cu ft. To compare the 20 ft container size with the others, here are the common measurements.

2 TEU is equal to 40 ft (12 m) with a width of 8 ft (2.4 m), 8.5 ft (2.6 m) height and volume of 2,720 cu ft. TEU 2.25 refers to a 45 ft / 14 m long container and the 2.4 TEU to a 48 ft (15 m) long container. The 2.65 TEU refers to a container 53 ft (16 m) long.

Bear in mind that the sizes are not exact. In some cases, a 35 ft container may still be referred to as 1 TEU. As a general rule, only the 8 ft width remains unchanged. The measurements for the high cube containers are also a bit different. For this reason, the 20 ft container remains relevant.

The 20 ft container size (dry cargo) has a mass limit of 24,000 kg. Its payload capacity is 21,600 kg. Due to the prevalence of bigger containers, the 20 footer may lose its appeal.

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  1. mufazal says:

    i want to store cotton bale in 20ft container dimension of bale is 43cm x 38cm x 31cm how many bale will be store in one container

  2. marta fontela says:

    dear sirs: the reason of this email is that i would like to send a 20 ft container out side the us. all the boxes are the same it could be 20x20x20 or 18 x18 x18,
    my question is how many boxes can be in the container.

  3. Danny Sabino says:


    how many boxes can contain a 20 footer container with box dimension 42cm (height) x 29 cm x 21 (width) cm (Height)?


  4. sunil says:

    my question is hoe many boxes can be in the container
    size hi is
    Length – 26.5 inches
    Breath – 19.5 inches
    Height – 20.0 inches
    HDPE Bag Size
    Length – 48.0 inches
    Breath – 48.0 inches
    Height – 10.0 inches
    Empty HDPE Bag Size
    Length – 50.0 inches
    Breath – 55.0 inches

  5. Ken says:

    My pallet size with good is 47″ (B) x 47″ (W) x 42″ (H)

    How many pallets can I load into a 20ft and a 40ft standard container?

  6. toms says:

    required to fit the following in 20′
    Product No. of drums Drum dimn. (INCH)
    Tartrazine 220 H- 22.5 x D-14 drums
    Sunset yellow 40 H-25 x D-16 drums
    Carmosine 20 H-23 x D-17 drums
    Ponceau 4r 12 H-22 x D-14 drums
    Erythrosine 2 H-23 x D-14 drums
    Lake Tartrazine 6 H-32 x D-20 drums
    Lake Sunset yellow 6 H-32 x D-20 drums
    Paprika 267 H-17 x D-14 boxes

  7. mike says:

    how many tyres can i load into a 20 feet container

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